1. isometrics:

    // Landscape design

    Potemkin - Post Industrial Meditation Park

    By Rintala Eggertsson Architects

    Photography by Casagrande & Rintala

    (Source: rintalaeggertsson.com, via thomortiz)

  2. Robert Morris, Steam Work for Bellingham-II, 1974


    (Source: cavetocanvas)

  3. transoptic:

    Robert Morris, Observatory. 1971.

  5. George Trakas

  6. wearsherlock:

    The Great Falls of the Reichenbach, by William Turner (1804) 
    Recovered by Sherlock in The Reichenbach Fall 

    27 x 40 inches. Portrait. 
    £25 - £145 (depending on size) / Prints available from here

  7. williamturner-art:

    Mortlake Terrace, 1826

    William Turner

  8. williamturner-art:

    Crossing the Brook, 1815

    William Turner

  9. williamturner-art:

    Rome, The Colosseum,1829

    William Turner

  10. Photogram by Andreas Feininger - Dragonfly Wing, 1937.

    (Source: buchsteinerartmanagement.de, via carex)

  11. Alma Allen

  12. Charles Burchfield, Midsummer in the Woods, watercolour, charcoal , and chalk on joined paper, 1950-59 
    (via stopping off place: Conventions for Abstract Thoughts)

    (via hideback)

  14. Léon Spilliaert (Belgian, 1881-1946)

    Night Scenery (Paysage nocturne), N/D

    (Source: amare-habeo, via yama-bato)

  15. New paintings by @olafureliasson use abstract color schemes derived from work by JMW Turner.
    (via BLDGBLOG: Implied Landscapes)

    (via thomortiz)