1. deadpanaesthetic:

    Graham Sutherland OM,
    Standing Forms II, 1952.
    oil paint on canvas, 180 x 141 cm

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  2. landscape-a-design:

    Project: Center for Advanced Science and Technology

    Designers: PWP Landscape Architecture

    Location: Japan

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  3. thenoguchimuseum:

    Photograph by Isamu Noguchi from his travels throughout Indonesia, 1949.

    The Noguchi Museum Archive

  4. maihudson:

    Carl Andre, Pyramid(Square Plan), Destroyed 1959 and remade 1970

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  5. archiveofaffinities:

    Michael Graves, California Lifeguard Tower, 1988

  6. hideback:

    Tullio Crali (Italian, 1910-2000)

    Cityscape, 1939

    Tullio Crali was a self-taught artist and stunt pilot. He was fascinated by Italian futurism and expressing through painting the dynamics of flight.


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  7. thegetty:

    The moon was visible, yet unreachable by keen astronomers like John herschel in the late 19th century. This photograph is actually of a detailed papier-mâché model of a moon crater. 

    Moon Crater, late 1850s, Unknown. J. Paul Getty Museum.

  8. David Hockney

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  9. zzzze:

    Edward Burtynsky
    Shipyard #11.Qili Port, Zhejiang Province, China, 2005

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  12. chimneyfish:

    Blind swimmers (Effect of a touch), 1934

    Max Ernst

  13. chimneyfish:

    il Trittico della Velocità: Il Corsa, 1927

    Gerardo Dottori

  14. richbram:

    Lawrence Halprin, fuente Ira Keller, Portland

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  15. europeansculpture:

    Slavomir Drinković